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QSC Amplifier Hire

4x Way QSC GX Rack

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2x of these identical racks are available now for smaller stereo PA systems or DJ monitoring setups.

Quoted from the QSC GX Spec Sheet 04/05/11:
"The GX3 uses the latest evolution of the QSC Grounded Collector output system, for optimum cooling of the critical power transistors. A true Class B biasing system combines maximum thermal efficiency with excellent audio performance."

"The GX7 adds the road-proven PowerLight supply to the Class H output section, for more overall output power and additional weight savings. The result is one of the highest power-to-weight ratios in the industry. A low-noise variable-speed fan with rear-to-front airflow keeps amplifiers and racks cool."

6x way processing is provided by a DCX2496 processor.

Comes supplied with XLR patch leads and a 4x gang extension block allowing for 'plug n play' functionality in a 6U slim profile flight case.

£50.00 dry hire per day

- Free delivery in CT7-CT12 post codes